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     I hear him coming.”

  4. I found myself (at Hunter College)

  5. (Source: thisistheverge)

  6. designersof:

    Incubus | Morning View

    design and illustration by Jason Heatherly. theliondesign.tumbler.com


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  8. joshwool:

    Laura Arten by Josh Wool

    I’m not a big gear guy, but I do have to say modifying an old Graflex Series D to take instant film has been a really fun way to make photos. 


  9. Duchamp + Muybridge

  10. thehistorychannel:

    American bison cantering and Galloping horse both set to motion in 2006 using photos by Edward Muybridge. 


  12. threadless:

    Family History by kuro_te is up for scoring in our design challenge with The Simpsons!

    Here’s what the artist had to say about their design:

    Beneath all the humor, “The Simpsons” is about a family that has stayed together and loved each other for 25 years.

    This design is an homage to Edward Muybridge, motion-picture pioneer, and “The Simpsons”, for its historical achievement as the longest-running sit-com on television.”

    There are only 5 days left to score Simpsons submissions! D’oh!

  13. popemorose:


    the baby boomer culture: how an entire generation literally will not shut up about young people doing things they enjoy

    The Divorce Culture: how an entire generation couldn’t keep it together, and forgot how to not project their insecurities onto children.

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