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    Nicolai HowaltCar Crash Studies

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    German Master Surgeon Vincenz Czerny, San Francisco, October 3, 1901, Vaughn & Keith

    From A Morning’s Work: Medical Photographs from the Burns Archive & Collection, 1843-1939

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    The Burns Archive is a collection of over 700,000 vintage photographs noted for iconic, historical images, including medical photography, anatomical oddities, post-mortem photography and graphic detail of the darker side of life—death, disease, disaster, crime, racism, revolution, riots, and war. The Burns Archive also publishes the Sleeping Beauty series of books about memorial photography with post-mortem photographs.

    The Burns Archive is made up of copy prints from the Burns Collection, the body of work of Dr. Stanley B. Burns, M.D., an ophthalmologist and its creator, curator, and proprietor. The collection is purportedly the nation’s largest of early medical photography and the most important private historic nineteenth century documentary photography collection in the world and is a unique source of historic visual documentation. This is a unique source generally available as stock photography.

    The Burns Archive Official Website and Blog (more photos are available at the blog).

  6. The biggest print I’ve ever made (at SVA Photo Building)

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    (They capture the heat)

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    Everyone who worked with early X-ray machines in the 1900s had no idea that the radiation was slowly killing them. This is a real X-ray machine from the time courtesy of The Burns Archive)

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    The Passage - VLA, 2014

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  12. CRT #3 (2014)

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    The original Ghostbusters trailer was a “commerical” with a 1-800 number that led to a recording of Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd. The number reportedly received 1,000 calls an hour, 24 hours a day, for 6 weeks straight. Source

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  15. CRT #2 (2014)

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