1. Cooper (2014) part of my on going public sculpture series

    ©2014 Hunter White

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    Morning Fog from my new series "Home 2013"

  3. elizabethfphotoblog:

    Cactus on Windowsill and Mt. Baldy Plate from "Home 2013"


  4. Like I’m really happy that a photo of mine has blown up on Tumblr, so don’t mistake this for not being happy about it. But it makes me kinda sad while a dumb, one note idea, I upload on a lark gets a fuck ton of notes, while photographs I really think about artistically either get no notes, or very few. 

    In conclusion Tumblr doesn’t hates art

  5. Stuyvesant (2014) part of my on going public sculpture series

    ©2014 Hunter White

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    Some sneak peeks of Luz’s and my thesis film, Moonstruck. I can’t believe the year is over but it’s been so much fun and we’re both so happy with how our film turned out! 



    Animation by Luz Batista

    Backgrounds and production design by Sarah Sloyer

    Original music by Amie Doherty

    Additional effects animation by Lissi Leuterio

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can’t wait!!! i’ve actively avoided watching this film until the dustys

    ahhhh guys! Here’s a sneak peek at Sarah and I’s thesis film. This was so much fun to work on. I can’t for every one to see it! Thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the film

    I can’t wait to see this!

    are two of my best friends in the world you guys. I have been actively avoiding their film so I can watch it on the big screen knowing nothing. It looks great and I’m real proud of them! Ah it looks great you guys.


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    Backyard - An outlier from my new series of images "Home 2013"

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    © raymondcolonphotography

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  9. Washington (2014) part of my on going public sculpture series

    ©2014 Hunter White

  11. mpdrolet:

    Boston Common, 2003

    Nicholas Nixon

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    #TheUsed (at Best Buy Theater)

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    Real HipHopHead Tee Giveaway

    I’ve got a bunch of left-over shirts of the old heart design. So I’m going to give them away to some lucky followers! Here’s the sizes I have left:

    One (1) 2XL, two (2) XL’s, four (3) Medium’s, two (2) Ladies Small's

    I also have 5+ each of 4XL's and 5XL’s for the big fellas out there.

    How you enter: You must be following the page. Like and reblog this post.  Feel free to comment in the reblog or on the photo with your shirt size (may increase your odds of winning!). You can reblog multiple times for multiple entries. I’ll announce a new winner every Monday for the next 10 weeks (final winner will be announced June 23rd)

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  14. Farragut (2014)  part of my on going series of public sculpture

    ©2014 Hunter White

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    Ido Yehimovitz

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